What we do

Lightfoot Strategies designs and executes strategic plans unique to your objective. Strategies and activities can include, but are not limited to any of the following :

Prepare a comprehensive needs assessment of business opportunities within the U.S. Government including identification of proper agencies to handle your situation, key agency decision makers within those agencies and, if applicable, state and local stakeholders in your project

Develop and prioritize potential legislative strategies, working hand in hand with you, to enhance federal support for your interests

Identify key Congressional stakeholders and decision makers as they relate to your interests

Congressional support for individual programs and projects is critical to success, therefore a close watch will be maintained, with special interest devoted to your concerns and/or interest

Advise you in your business dealings with the Congress

Assist you in identifying a diverse group of potential Congressional champions in both the House and Senate who would be supportive of your business objectives

Help you to become a good lobbyist for your own concerns and interests. You are a far more effective representative of your concerns than a hired second party.

Work with you to identify potential business partners, including associations and professional organizations that you deal with. or share common interests