About us

"Provide top quality professional service through experience, integrity and faithfulness to high moral and ethical standards."

The above Mission Statement of Lightfoot Strategies is adhered to with rigid tenacity. It is my belief that only the best service will be rewarded with success, loyalty and longevity.

From a very young boy forward, my Father made it a point to drill into me that your word was your bond, your reputation sacred and your honesty the mark of a real man. Those lessons were burned indelibly into my brain and have served well over many years.

As a Customer Engineer for IBM came great lessons in customer service. Working the beat as a police officer taught me that true justice is the letter of the law tempered with mercy. Starting up successful businesses and managing a manufacturing facility taught the lessons of economy, efficiency and always having quality products. Many years as a successful broadcaster taught the important lesson and skill of listening far more than you talk. The past ten years working the government system on behalf of a major company taught persistence, patience and never count your chickens until all the eggs hatch.

I have written legislation, designed and modified bills, managed a budget of several billion dollars, negotiated and worked out differences between opposing parties and points of view. In all honesty I've also learned a great deal about humility in losing a few battles.

As a Member of Congress, one of my pet peeves was constituents coming to visit about an issue in the presence of a high priced professional lobbyist. Especially those that were charging huge amounts of money per hour and actually knew little or nothing about the client's issue. More than once I pulled the constituent aside and told him/her to come back and see me alone or set up a meeting out in the district for the weekend. (I returned home every weekend rather than stay in DC.) Too many times the hired guns were a lot more interested in a few fast bucks than actually performing a service for the client.

As a result of those experiences I have sworn to never be associated with those type organizations and I will tell you right up front if I don't believe you have a fair chance at success. Dealing with the Congress is a dynamic experience as so many things can turn on one headline or event. The sands are always shifting so it is important to be able to read those shifts before they happen and alter course accordingly.

To guarantee success is foolhardy, however I will guarantee you the highest quality service at a reasonable price. You will find 100% effort put into your project at Lightfoot Strategies.

I hope we can do business together.